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Your privileged partner in animal health and care

 Welcome to Maurivet Ltd

Your privileged partner in animal health and care.

Dear Visitor,

I take great pleasure in introducing the new Maurivet Ltd website. Here, you will see how Maurivet Ltd offers you more than just pharmaceutical products. Drawing upon decades of professional veterinary experience and a highly experienced team, Maurivet Ltd is able to cater for all your animal health and care needs providing valuable advice as well as top quality products. In fact, we are so confident in our products that we use them ourselves, in our sister company Intrafarm Ltd, to produce day old broiler chicks of the world renown breed, the Hubbard Classic, which are then sold to local small and medium breeders as well as exported to nearby countries.

In addition to guaranteeing a good and solid technical backup for its products, Maurivet Ltd. prides itself in logistics by providing a swift and reliable distribution service coupled with a monitoring system in order to safeguard the continuous cold chain for its vaccines and other thermo-sensitive products.

Apart from its valued customers, another valuable asset of Maurivet the staff, whose dedication and motivation serve to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence. 

With a wide variety of stock, Maurivet Ltee specialises in Poultry and Horses but also stocks products for pets (dogs & cats), pigs, cattle, rabbits and even primates!

Browse the site for up to date information about products and services we can offer you. For your convenience, orders can be placed online or by phone or fax.

If you want to find out more about us or if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our Facebook Page.

Maurivet Ltee would be proud to be your privileged partner in animal health and care!

Best wishes

Dr D Sibartie B.V.M; M.V.M; D.P.A.M

Chairman of Maurivet Ltd